About Us

Since launching, demand for our Manufacturing Partners products and services have continued to grow. From quietly supplying neighboring countries we have continued to expand; now providing cigarettes, and other Tobacco Products on demand, e.g. rolling and pipe tobacco, and other tobacco products for smokers worldwide.

We maintained a process that eliminates storage outside the manufacturing facilities, by proper scheduling of dispatch for orders to leave the factory to the airport, minimizing transit time and maintaining freshness of products as shipments reach its destination.

All our Cigarettes shipments to across the border clients are DUTY-FREE, it is on export directly to you so we pay no duties or taxes and these savings are passed on to you. Other countries do not offer such systems and impose awfully high duties on tobacco, which in turn have to be embodied into the price of the product. We continue our relentless efforts to find more savings for our clients.

Our continuing success is the result of our total commitment to customer service and satisfaction and the first-class product range that will impress you.

Why Buy From Us!

ZimCigs is the leading Wholesaler ONLY for IMPORTERS AND CIGARETTES DISTRIBUTORS. Selling high-
quality Zimbabwean Cigarettes, made from the finest renowned home-grown Tobaccos, blended to your
tase and customers’ preferences, and we have many other great reasons to buy from us;
  • Top Quality Zimbabwean Finest Cigarettes from Multiple manufacturers in One Place!
    ZimCigs is your one-stop shop offering a full range of quality cigarette Brands from multiple manufacturers. such as cigarettes, Flavored cigarettes, rolling and pipe tobacco made from the finest Zimbabwean Tobacco.
  • Low Prices!
    We operate as the across border sales and marketing extension on behalf of the cigarette’s manufacturers. This close relation enables us to tailor orders to the customer’s specific requirements, and allows us to negotiate pricing on your behalf to get to your budget. It is like you are buying directly from the manufacturer cutting out the middle men and delivering outstanding products at low prices.
  • Best Rates and Fast Shipping!
    We shop on your behalf the Airfreight rates from the different airlines and cargo agents for the best shipping costs. We save you money, time and shipping costs!
  • Discounts and Savings!
    We are committed to making your purchase experience with us even more affordable by offering you great savings. That’s why we offer discounts on recurring and large orders periodically.
  • Tobacco Quality Guarantee!
    Zimbabwe grows the following finest tobaccos, Virginia flue-cured, burley and oriental tobacco We 100% guarantee our export cigarettes are manufactured from those fine leaf’s
  • Tobacco is harvested either leaf by leaf, in the case of Virginia and oriental tobaccos, or by the whole plant, in the case of burley. The next stage, curing, plays a major role in defining the leaf’s final quality and character. Each tobacco type is cured differently: air-curing for burleyflue-curing for Virginia, and sun-curing for oriental.
  • Burley tobacco tends to darken during the air-drying process, but Virginia tobacco is actually quite light in color. This lightness is reflected in its taste, which is far milder and crisper than burley tobacco. Also, while burley tobacco dries in the cold, fresh airflue-cured tobacco requires hot, dark areas to dry.
  • Privacy Protection!
    We do not disclose, nor do we reserve the right to disclose any information about you, as a client, to any third parties for any reason whatsoever. The information we collect from you is used only to process transactions and fulfill orders.
  • Safe and Secure Transactions!
    To secure and safe your financial information we use top online payment processing banks. We do assure you that your sensitive financial information is fully secure and safe.
  • Quality Service and Support
    We aim for complete customer satisfaction. You can contact us anytime and we will respond within 24 hours. Our business is based on trust and relationships, so we will do all we can to help.
  • Many Satisfied Customers!
    We are proud to have many satisfied customers worldwide. You can see our extreme hard work in the reviews dropped by our customers on the social sites.